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Electric Water Heater Not Working? Troubleshoot and Repair a Water Heater

Is your electric water heater not working, want to repir it? in this article you’ll find possible ways for hwo to repair a water heater. A water heater is an item that is necessary in the majority of homes. They offer warm water for activities such as taking a bath, washing the dishes, and doing the laundry. On the other hand, just like any other machine, a water heater might develop problems and stop working properly, leaving you without any hot water

It is not always simple, but if you have enough knowledge, you can save money and avoid having to purchase a new water heater by making repairs to the existing one instead. In this article, we will discuss how to troubleshoot and repair water heater by going through these five primary considerations.

Troubleshhot and Repair an Electric Water Heater

Always do follwoing things for troubleshooting an electric water heater.

  • Identify the Problem
  • Check the Power Supply
  • Check the Thermostat
  • Check the Heating Element
  • Replace the Faulty Parts

It is also recommended to hire an expert to troubleshoot and repair your electric water heater check about it on reparacoes24hesquentadores.pt

Hot Water Heater Repair Cost

While repairing a water heater by a professional the average cost for water heater is arround $300-700 it varies depending on faults and replacements of faulty parts.

Electric Water Heater Not Working! How To Repiar It

If you electric water heater is not working and want to know how to repair a water heater then following steps might help you to repair water heater.

1. Identify the Problem

Step one in fixing a water heater is to figure out what’s wrong with it. Problems with water temperature, leaking, or unusual noises? If you are unsure, consult the owner’s manual, which should contain a troubleshooting section. There is a lot of information available about typical issues and how to fix them. Finding the source of the issue is the first step towards fixing it.

2. Check the Power Supply

Examine the power supply Before attempting any kind of fix, double check that the power supply has been turned off. This is significant because working on a water heater while it is still plugged in might be perilous. Stop the flow of electricity to the water heater by switching off the breaker or fuse that supplies power to it. If your water heater runs on gas, you should shut off the gas supply valve.

3. Check the Thermostat

The temperature of the water is controlled by a device called the thermostat. It’s possible that the thermostat is broken, which would explain why the water won’t heat up. Using a multimeter, you can check to see if the thermostat works by measuring the voltage. If the voltage is low or zero, the thermostat needs to be replaced because it is not working properly.

4. Check the Heating Element

The heating element is the part of the water heater that heats the water. In the event that the water does not heat up, the problem may lie with the heating element. With a multimeter, you can measure the resistance to see if the heating element is working right. In the event that the resistance is high or infinite, the heating element will need to be changed.

5. Replace the Faulty Parts

After you have located the malfunctioning component, you can next decide whether or not to replace it. You can get replacement parts at a local hardware store or on the internet. Be cautious to disconnect the power supply to the water heater before attempting to replace any of its components. Be sure to carry out each step in accordance with either the owner’s handbook or the instructions that came with the new item.


In the end, all you need to fix a water heater is some knowledge, some patience, and some persistence. You can save money and avoid having to buy a new water heater if you adhere to the five recommendations that have been presented above. Always remember to cut off the power supply before doing any repairs, and always be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my water heater needs repair?

Water that is not hot, water that has changed color or smell, or noises or leaks coming from the water heater are all classic indicators that it requires maintenance. Also, if your water heater is older than ten years, you might want to think about getting a new one.

Can I repair my water heater myself?

Some fixes are simple enough to tackle on your own, like a broken thermostat or heating element, but for anything more involved, you should probably call in a professional plumber or HVAC contractor. It’s not worth the risk to try fixing your water heater on your own.

How much does it cost to repair a water heater?

The expense of repairing a broken water heater depends on a number of factors, including the nature of the damage, the water heater’s age and condition, and the local labor rate. Some fixes can be made for a few hundred dollars, while others might cost several thousand. Before beginning any kind of repair work, it’s wise to receive an estimate from a qualified expert. it costs arround $300-$700

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