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How to Clean Wood Cabinets And Make them Shine

Are you searching for how to clean wood cabinets and make them shine? If yes! then you are right place. Wooden closets are a lovely and perfect addition to your home decor. Nevertheless, they can become unclean and grimy over time. You’ve probably experienced the oily and messy stains that can result from simply working or cleaning a routine. It’s time to restore the shine of your wooden cabinets to their original glory.

What is the Best Way to Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets?

How to clean wood cabinets and what is the best way to clean wooden cabinets? The most used method to clean wood cabinets is vinegar, cleaning cabinets with vinegar is one of the most effective and easiest methods. In this post, we’ll teach you how to clean wood cabinets and make them shine.

How to Clean Wood Cabinets And Make Them Shine

How to clean sticky wood cabinets. Let’s Get Started

Dust the Entire Corner of the Cupboards

Likewise, you should dust the interior of your wood cupboards regularly to remove any indoor dust and dirt that may develop over time. because accessories are frequently collected here. You’ll like to keep it as clean as possible. Wipe the edges of lower cabinets for any spills or mess that has dropped during different work. This can invite ants, mosquitoes, and other insects into your house.

After Dinner Cleaning Habit

In the case of kitchen cabinets, develop an after-dinner habit to keep your wooden cupboards clean. Clean up your cabinets and buttons with a wet towel in between washing the dishes and scrubbing the floor for table scraps. This will effectively remove any dirt and grease before it becomes hard to remove, and tends to result in long-lasting, shining look cupboards. This simple habit has a significant impact on cleaning.

How to Clean Wood Cabinets With Vinegar

As I previously stated, you can use costly cleaning agents to restore the appearance and feel of your wooden cupboards. A vinegar cleaner is a simple and non-toxic method for restoring the luster to your closets. 

Mix one tablespoon of vinegar and hot water in a properly marked plastic bottle. Stir to combine. Sprinkle the solution on your cabinets and let it rest for at least two minutes before cleaning them. Clean with a paper towel. Try a very little dish cleanser and scrub if you face any notably greasy areas. Clean with the aggressive corner of the washcloth instead, as this may end up leaving scratch marks. Allow drying entirely.

Use of Oily Soap

If such homemade attempts fail, some marketing washers may work. When dealing with tricky lubricants, an oil-based soap is your best option. Using other oils to remove oily stains and oil spills from an edge is often the most effective method. Try this if you’ve tried all other possibilities.

Wipe down Cupboard Accessories Thoroughly

Wash them down with a cleaning solution as part of your regular cleaning routine to prevent the dispersal of microbes. When thoroughly cleaning, clean your knobs and buttons with a brush and warm, dishwashing liquid. This will remove any debris that has developed over the course.


Don’t give up if your cupboards appear to need renovation. Begin with a thorough clean-up, and then modify your daily washing routine to assist you in keeping them looking new. In no time, your closets will be spotless. 

Enjoy the new look of your wooden cupboards!

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