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How To Clean Inside Car Windows Without Streaks? Easy Guide

Car windows are one of the essential parts of keeping your car clean inside. See how to clean inside car windows without streaks.  Nonetheless, they may be a major hassle to clean! Sometimes, you want to clean them but need the right equipment, or even if everything is correct, you need someone’s help to get it done.

Several products out there claim to help you quickly clean the inside of your car windows, but they could be better.

After cleaning, they often streak, splatter, or leave streaks on the glass. Therefore, you should be cautious while choosing them.

Many people wonder how to clean inside car windows without streaks, but the answer is less evident than expected, especially if you’re a novice in cleaning and washing stuff.

To keep your problem in mind, we will provide you with some helpful information on how to clean inside car windows without streaks.

How to Clean Inside Car Windows Without Streaks

These ways are going to help you a lot to clean car windows. 

1. Identify An Appropriate Location To Wash

The first step that requires cleaning your car windows is finding the appropriate workplace. It has to be tucked away somewhere that won’t become too hot or be exposed to strong winds.  Also, there shouldn’t be any unnecessary furniture or clutter.

Take the microfiber towel or cloth you prepared with the car window cleaner. First, you’ll want to deal with the external windows on one side, then the other, and finally, the interiors in that sequence.

2. Clean The Dust

Clean the area of any loose dirt, sand, or dust with your cloth before applying the solution. You must take this precaution to avoid damaging the surface in the future by causing abrasion or scratching.

3. Apply The Solution With a Spray Bottle

After spraying the solution on the windows, they may be wiped off with a dry cloth. To avoid streaks, avoid spraying too much at once. Check to see if your applications are uniform in size and shape.
It is also advised that spraying be done in phases. The solution will dry and leave unattractive blotches if you stream all the windows at once and work too slowly.
Use the minimum power necessary to remove the tough stains without harming your car’s glass. Instead of scrubbing circularly, employ up-and-down or back-and-forth strokes.

Continue wiping until all dirt and dust have been removed from the area. Putting in the time and energy required will be well compensated for in the end.Continue wiping until all dirt and dust have been removed from the area. Putting in the time and energy required will be well compensated for in the end.

4. Take Extra Care With Tough Stains

Tighter pressure is required for more tenacious stains, such as those left by bird droppings and splattered bugs. Another option is to spritz the solution on top and let it sit for a few minutes. It needs time to work on the stain before it can be wiped away easily.

Wash the windscreen and the car’s front end while you’re at it. Your rear hand’s strength can be put to good use. Rubber seals require your attention. If you want to get into the crevices here, use a toothbrush. Take special care with the windshield wipers.

5. Use a Clean Cloth To Polish The Surface

Change to a clean one now. Apply the solutions to it and use it to buff the surface. Remember that sparkling perfection is the final aim.

6. Continue Washing The Inside Windows

If you’re finishing up the exterior, don’t worry; you can just reverse your work and tackle the inside. Doing business from the comfort of your car is thus a viable alternative. If you need to clean the windshield, do it from the safety of the passenger seat.

While cleaning your car windows, spray the cleaning solution on the cloth or towel before washing the glass. Doing so guarantees residue-free upholstery and carpets in your car, no matter how fast they leak. This is the secret to streak-free window cleaning on the inside of your car.

To finish, allow the windows to dry naturally. Applying a sealer or water-repellent is another option. Doing so will ensure that water will roll off your windows in the future.


If you are worried that your car windows might not be as clean as they could be, look at the ways we’ve shared above and try them the next time you’re tackling this task. They might help keep your windows dirty-free in between washes!

These methods will help you properly clean the windows on your car. The most straightforward tools are often the best; you only sometimes need expensive products to do the job.

That’s it! If you follow our simple instructions, you can clean your car windows to a streak-free shine saving you the trouble of later cleaning them again.

Freequently Asked Questions, FAQs

The time it takes for the water to evaporate is proportional to the amount of filth on the windows and the amount of time you have to wait. The best way to tell if your windows are clean is by looking at them. 

If they look streaky, give them another wipe with a dry cloth. Try a different cleaning method if you still see streaks after repeated wiping.

Cleaning your car windows is a daily task, but it can quickly get dirty. If you’re cleaning your windows after every drive, you may want to consider doing a more thorough job once a week or so. This will keep dirt and debris from building up on your windows and create streaks that are harder to get rid of.

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