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5 Best Dish Sponges In 2022 | Melamine Sponge Review Full Details

Everyone wants to keep their cookware clean and tidy and we don’t want any compromise in that we want dish sponges that are of high quality and work effectively and they should not hurt our cookware’s natural design.

The best dish sponges can clean our dirty kitchen in a very short time, even if they look shiny. Now, what are the best dish scrubbers? our favorite dish sponge is O-Cedar Scrunge All-Purpose Sponge the O-Cedar’s main feature is that is non-scratching and cleans all hard surfaces that is we like this flash magic eraser, dish washing sponge it is also an eco friendly dish sponge which makes it best dish scrubber.

Types Of Dish Sponges?

There are serval types of dish sponges available that can be used in different situations.

  • Magic Eraser: The Flash magic erasers can work without soap because they are water-contained dish scrubbers they can clean various surfaces, and countertops and they can remove scuffs, pencil marks, and more.
  • Dry Sponge: The Dry Sponge is a mixture of rubber and soap and they are used dry, Dry sponge is used and best for removing pet hair from furniture, carpets, Fabric curtions, and Scoot from surfaces such as screens, bricks, and fireplace mantels.
  • Steel Sponge: The Steel Sponge is a combination of extremely fine and flexible steel or metal filaments with sharp edges. It’s great for cleaning; grills, glass metal pots, etc.
  • Microfiber Sponge Cloths: Microfiber clothing is made of synthetic fibers, and its fibers are much thinner than those found in normal cloth. Sponge cloth can be used to clean stainless steel items, glasses, mirrors, and dusty areas. 

How To Clean Cookware With Dish Sponge?

So everyone has their own way of cleaning and washing things but in a general way you can use a melamine sponge in this method; First of all scrub it on dishes properly when it’s done, then you should put dishes somewhere to dry them. After this you need to dry your sponge too.

5 Best Kitchen Dish Sponges You Should Buy

We talked a lot about what is the best dish scrubber, the types of sponges eg; reusable dish sponges, metal dish scrubbers, eco friendly dish sponges, silicone dish scrubbers, etc, and how to use them. Let’s come to the point what are the best dish scrubbers?

As discussed the O-cedar sponge it’s the best sponge for melamine foam insulation, we put it at 1st because it is 4.7 out of 5 top-rated scrubbers on Amazon with more than 10,700 reviews and 81% are positive from them which is really good.
Check The Price Of O-Cedar Sponge

When we look for the second-best dishes scrubber, MR SIGA is no less than anyone, but why do we put it in the 2nd position on our list? because both O-Cedar and MR SIGA are closely the same but we compared Amazon ratings and O-Cedar is up for it, even though it is our favorite one. MR SIGA has up to 14,600 reviews on Amazon, a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars, and 76% positive reviews which is also satisfying.

Scotch Brite Scrubbing Sponges are non-scratch best kitchen sponges that are best for kitchen and household and safe for non-stick cookware it contains 6 scrubbing sponges in one pack and can be ordered online from Amazon and other marketplaces, you can find Scotch Brite kitchen cleaning sponges in local store too because scotch Brite is America’s #1 brand. It has 62,500 reviews with 84% positive ratings.
Scrub Daddy color sponge is a pack of colorful sponges which can be used to clean the kitchen, bath, and everywhere. Scrub Daddy is the most popular dishwashing scrubber that has more than 47k reviews on Amazon with a 4.8 out of 5-star rating 88% of all reviews are positive. Why we still gave it 4th position of the top 5 scrubbers? because it is quite expensive on Amazon. For those who don’t have a problem with its price, this can be in the second position.

Mr Siga Melamine sponges are Multi-Functional eraser sponges made of melamine foam sponges that are multi-tasking sponges can be used for kitchen and household cleaning, how to use; just add water and you can clean dishes, pans, stoves, walls, floors etc.

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