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Xiaomi Vacuum Robot: Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro Review & Specifications

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Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro: Are you searching for a Xiaomi vacuum robot review? are you confused to decide your house’s best vacuum cleaner robot Let’s take a look at the Xiaomi vacuum robot, and how it works. What are the specifications of the Mi cleaning robot is it a good vacuum robot to buy what is Xiaomi vacuum mop pro, how is it better than other vacuuming cleaner robots? let’s do a Xiaomi vacuum mop pro complete review.

All About Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro Full Review

The Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro is a portable, wireless, rechargeable, intelligent automated vacuum cleaner robot. It is more efficient and speedier due to the 2100Pa powerful suction and 3200mAh battery capacity. Mi Mop pro cleaning robot vacuums the ground effectively without your participation. Depending on whether you are simply vacuuming or mopping, the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro performs differently. This is the Xiaomi vacuum robot!

Why Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro?

The Xiaomi vacuum robot: Xiaomi vacuum mop pro is recommended but not the only choice for everyone to use there are a lot of best robot cleaners in the market and Xiaomi vacuum mop pro is among of best vacuum robots as you know artificial intelligence is growing day-to-day so most advanced cleaning robots can be coming in future.
I’ve used the Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro for about a year and haven’t missed my maid or been faced with headaches since. The Xiaomi vacuum robot is insane; it recharges itself whenever it runs out of power. And, because the Xiaomi vacuum mop pro has spent a significant amount of time cleaning for me, here is my opinion on Xiaomi Vacuum Robot. Worth the money!

Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Specifications

  • Battery & Charging:  3200mAh battery, could last 70 to 135 minutes, automatic recharging and resume support, 33W AC adapter.
  • Integrations/Works with: Google Assistant, Mi Home, Alexa.
  • Suction/Speed: powerful suction with 2100Pa max speed.
  • Scan: 8meters scanning range, 6×360°/s Scanning Frequency, ≤2% Accuracy Deviation.
  • Dimentions: 35x35x9.45cm

What's In Box?

What’s in the Xiaomi vacuum mop pro box; the box will give a heavy feel for its weight and size and it includes all the necessary parts inside the Xiaomi vacuum robot box there are 2 side brushes, 2 dust collectors (one for picking dust and the other one for collect water and dust), 1 AC Adaptor, 1 charging dock, 2 mop pads (for wet and dry), and a mop pad holder.

Setting Up Xiaomi Vacuum Mop Pro - Truning On Xiaomi Vacuum Robot

How to set up the Xiaomi vacuum mop pro? You can watch the video above for first-time use and set up the Xiaomi vacuum robot, Once you complete the setup, The App will give further vacuuming controls. The Application also gives a view of the room or house from the Vacuum’s viewpoint as well. You will be also able to give scheduling instructions means you can schedule your vacuum robot cleaning activities. My favorite App feature was the ability to personally control the Vacuum’s motions around my house.
Xiaomi vacuum mop pro xiaomi vacuum robot

Where To Buy Xiaomi Vacuum Robot Mop Pro?

You can buy the Xiaomi vacuum robot mop pro is available on Xiaomi’s official site
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