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How to Clean Office Chair Wheels – The Best Way to Clean Office Chair Wheels

If your chair wheels has stopped rolling or you just want to clean your office chair wheels. In this post we will guide you step by step on how to clean office chair wheels.  

The wheels of a dirty chair wheels usually stop rolliong as well as they can damage the floors. the question is how the office chair gets dirty? The office chair wheels stops moving and rolling by getting dirty from dirt or hair. In this ultimate chair wheels cleaning guide, you will see what are steps to clean office chair wheels and how easy it is.

Let's Get Started to Cleaning Office Chair Wheels

Before we start the process let us tell you more about office chair wheels.

Types of the chair wheels

There are several types of casters on the market. Let me tell you how many varieties of office chair wheels available to you.

  1. Traditional Chairs
  2. Industrial Chairs
  3. Modern Chairs
  4. Vintage Chairs
  5. Transitional Chairs
  6. Glam Chairs
  7. Fabric Chairs

There are more as this article is about how to clean office chair wheels, It make no sencce to add all but you can visit next link to see 36 types of chairs.

Remove Hair: How to Clean Office Chair Wheels Hair

Follow this simple and easy process to remove hair and dirt from you office chair wheels to fix it’s not rolling issues.

  1. Remove the caster wheels from the chair by turning it upside down.
  2. Try opening the wheels with a nose plier following the video above.
  3. To remove hair from an office chair, utilise the nose plier or a kitchen teezer to pull the adhered hairs.
  4. Soak the sticky wheels in a tub of warm soapy water to remove filth and clean them.
  5. Allow it to soak for 10 minutes. The filth should be easy to remove.
  6. To remove the residues, wipe the casters with a towel or microfiber cloth.
  7. You may either let them to dry naturally or manually.
  8. Attach the wheels to the base once again.
Place the wheels in hot water to facilitate wheel disassembly. In addition, the wheels will get softer.

Second Mathod: Remove Hair from Office Chair Wheels Witout Disassembling the Wheels

To begin, pluck as many hairs as possible using a tweezer. Duct tape may be used to attach and pull the hair. If your tweezer cannot reach the hairs, try a bottle opener or nail cutter. The curving nail-cutters bottle-openers might be handy for eliminating trapped hairs.

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