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How To Make Diy Lint Roller In Just 20 Seconds Using This Lint Remover Hack

Looking For Something To Do At Home? Let's Manually Make A Diy Lint Roller

After reading this post you will be able to make your own lint roller and easily remove any cat and dog hair from carpets, clothes, sweaters, and more. Here in this post, 

I will be sharing our favorite method and easy process to make a DIY lint roller and get fuzz, pet hair, dog hair, cat hair, human hair even any hair from clothes. So stay with us and spend at least 5 minutes in this article reading our step-by-step guide on how to make a self-created lint roller.

Watch Video To Make lint roller with your self mathod

How to remove pet hair, dog, and cat hair with a self-made lint roller. If you’re searching on google/bing that how to make a DIY lint remover at home, then this post is the perfect solution for you to make your own lint roller and be a lint roller pro with uproot cleaner pro.


We have gotten an amazing lint remover hack for you to try and make a handmade lint remover tool, how do make it? the solution will be at end of this post, before you get our method it’s very important to learn what is DIY lint roller and how it works. 

We can also create the best lint cleaner uproot cleaner pro lint remover/lint roller with a spinning pin and a piece of the roll of broad tape. How you will do it? let’s see: Put the masking tape on the rolling pin’s end after unrolling it. 

We need to make sure the smooth side of the tape is facing the rolling pin and the adhesive side is facing us. Just like with candy sticks, we gently spiral the ribbon around the instrument, making sure that each curve just touches the one before it. We can cut sticky tape once we get to the opposite end of the rolling pin.

If you face the sticking problem of the tape; the sticky tape doesn’t stick on its own, we just attach it with an additional piece of scotch tape. Try to roll it across dress by gripping the handles and rolling it over the cloth until all of the fluff has been gone.

Why Use Self Created Lint Roller

1. When you don't have any lint rollers at home, when you like some DIY works!

If you have forgotten where you put your lint roller or you don’t have a lint roller, this is best is the best solution for you to make your own pet hair remover at home, you will enjoy making it if you’re a DIY works lover, I also love to make it with my hand.

2. Get Rid Of Huge, Hairy Mess

When you have pets or you’re with human that has sheds, it’s very frustrating to find large, hairy messes in unexpected places. In these heavy-duty or everyday hair-riddled situations, your amazingly self made lint roller will be a great helper. It’ll collect all pet or human hair without requiring to peel and twist off a half-dozen sticky sheets from any disposable rollers.

3. Exact Rolling Across A Broad Region

If you don’t have enough to pore for every inch of your interview suit with the little lint cleaner you have on hands before you go, a larger lint cleaning brush with a wider surface area will pack a harder punch, giving you plenty of time to finish your wellness regimen before you depart.

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