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How To Clean Hair Brushes: A Step-By-Step Guide For Cleaning Hair Brush

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Hello there welcome to our blog, Are you googling “how to clean hair brushes” if you are looking for a step-by-step guide for cleaning hair brush dust then you are at the right place, in this post I will share a very easy guide for how to clean hair brushes dust, if you follow these steps correctly then, believe me, you can clean your hair brushes simply and quickly, so are you ready to clean hair brushes? let’s get started.

Why Cleaning Your Hair Brush Is So Important?

Let me explain why cleaning your hair brush is very important, First of all, you always love your hair and won’t want them to be dirty in any way so the one point creates here is that this is very important to use a neat and clean hair brush so that we can use it without worrying about extra dust, dirt in our hair.

It can leave a lot of dirt, oil, and gunk in your hair if you use an unclean hair brush. Cleaning your hairbrush is so essential if you want it to do its best job without leaving behind unwanted residue. here are the best practices about how to clean hair brushes dust, please follow the steps carefully, and there we go!

How Often Should We Clean Our Hair Brush?

It depends on the items we use on our hair and how frequently we are using them. so there are no such strict rules that how often we should clean our hair brushes, definitely we don’t have to clean them if we do not use them, but if we using regularly then we have to clean them accordingly.

  • If you often use styling products, gels, or hairspray, it’s a fine decision to clean your hair brushes once per week.
  • If you do not use many hair products, consider making it a routine to clean your hair brush every two to three weeks.
  • Remove any hair which has gathered in the bristle every couple of days to make cleaning simpler.

How To Clean Hair Brush - Steps To Clean Dirty Hair Brush

Once you experience how to clean hair brush, it will be a very faster process for you and it won’t take too long to clean your hair brush.

you need these few things to get started:

1. Remove Hair Form The Brush

  • To remove hair from the brush’s base, use the end of a rat tail comb. If you do not have a rat tail comb, any pointing tool, such as a pencil, pen, or ice picks, can suffice.
  • Scissors can be also used to remove any hair that has been entangled in the bristle.

2. Dip and shake The Brush

  • Fill a dish or a sink halfway with hot water. Swish a few drops of mild shampoo around in the water to make suds. 1 to 2 tablespoons of baking soda can be used for increased cleaning strength. Stir the water well.
  • Submerge the complete brush in water. if it is made from plastic. Allow it to soak for 3–5 minutes. Dip the brush bristles into the soapy water, making sure to keep the padding dry, if indeed the hairbrush has soft cushioning at the bottom in which the bristles join to the brush.
  • A wooden brush should not be completely submerged. This may cause harm to the wood and finish. Simply immerse the bristles in the same manner as stated above for a brush with a cushioned base.
  • Numerous times, dip and shake your brush. It will aid in the removal of oils, dead skin cells, and product accumulation. If your hairbrush isn’t too filthy, this must get rid of the majority of the buildup.

3. Use A Toothbrush - Clean the hairbrush

Clean the dirt and leftovers from the bristles of hair brushes and combs using a toothbrush. This will be very useful in cleaning a hairbrush and comb all the way down to the base of the bristles.

4. Rinse And Dry

  • After cleaning your brush, rinse it with a spray of cold water. Alternatively, you can wet the brush’s base and then wipe it dry with just a towel.
  • Allow the hairbrush to dry on a clean cloth or towel, with bristles actually facing.

Here is our post about “how to clean hair brushes dust” ends, will meet you with another useful post. I will take a leave thanks for visiting.

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