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How To Get Weathertech Mats Black Again? (Step-By-Step Guide)

How To Clean WeatherTech Mats To Look New

how to get weathertech mats black again: If you are tired of looking at dirty WeatherTech mats and want to clean them, this article may be perfect for you. In this post, you’ll get a step-by-step guide on how to get WeatherTech mats black again and make them look like new.

How to get WeatherTech mats black again: So often WeatherTech mats get dirty from sloppy boots and dropped drinks and chips and other eatable things. They cause mats to deteriorate and give an embracing feel by becoming grimy and unattractive.

After reading our article or watching the video you’ll be completely able to clean WeatherTech floor mats and make your mats look like new by yourself.

How To Get WeatherTech Mats Black Again

We have two methods for you to apply and make WatherTech mats black again. Depending on when you last cleaned them and how old they are, your WeatherTech floor mats may appear rather faded.

The second method will be solution finish follow that to give your mats an ultimate new and shining look, this how to make wathertech mats shine.

1. Tire Dressing

What You’ll Need:

  • Floor Mat Protector
  • Sponge

Apply Floor Mat Protector

Apply your tire dressing or floor mat protection. You might wish to use a moist sponge to apply the protection or dressing. Ensure that you enter each groove. The floor mats should be dried horizontally until completely dry. Take the mats back to the car.

2. Solution Finish

As discussed above if you’re seeking for how to make WeatherTech mats shine or how to get WeatherTech mats black again this solution finish works well.

What You’ll Need:

Apply Solution Finish

Do you really want your WeatherTech mats to be black once again? Use Solution Finish, which is ideal and designed especially for the mats. Given how nasty it is, wear gloves.

Evenly Apply the Solution Finish

Pour a small amount of the solution Finish on your mats and extend your time a little on your towel. Over the mat, spread it evenly. If you pay attention to the grooves, this should take each mat around 15 minutes.

Down Any Lumpy Parts

Use your rag to smooth out any lumps after applying all of the Solution Finish. There shouldn’t be much extra because the finish should permeate into the plastic.

Give your WeatherTech mats some time to dry. Put the mats in the car after they are fully dry.

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