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What do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows

What do Professional Window Cleaners Use to Clean Windows

Professional window cleaners use a variety of instruments and cleaning chemicals to create sparkling, clean windows. Maintaining a polished and professional image is key to the upkeep of any structure, whether residential or commercial. One of the most important aspects of this is keeping the windows clean. In this article, we will discuss what professional window cleaners use to clean windows.

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Tools Used by Professional Window Cleaners

1. Squeegees:

When cleaning windows, squeegees are indispensable. They’re used to dry the windows after they’ve been cleaned with water and cleaning solution, and they come in a variety of sizes and forms. Professional window cleaners frequently utilize a high-quality squeegee with a rubber blade.

2. Scrubbers:

Cleaning solutions are applied to the windows, and the filth and grime are scrubbed away with the help of a scrubber. They are typically manufactured from synthetic materials and are available in a wide range of sizes and forms.

3. Extension Poles:

Professional window cleaners use extension poles to clean difficult-to-reach windows. These poles are frequently made of lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber and can be changed to different lengths.

4. Ladders:

Professional window cleaners use ladders to access windows that are higher up. They work on ladders that are strong, robust, and secure. 

Cleaning Solutions Used by Professional Window Cleaners

1. Water and soap:

Professional window washers typically use a solution made up of a blend of water and soap. Soap and water work together to remove filth, with the soap first helping to break it down.

2. Vinegar:

Professional window washers often use vinegar since it is an efficient cleaning solution. When used with water, it effectively eliminates mineral deposits and stains caused by hard water.

3. Ammonia:

Cleaning windows with ammonia is a certain way to get rid of any grit or filth that refuses to budge. However, it should be used with caution because it can cause harm if not employed correctly.

4. Specialized Cleaners:

Professional window cleaners also make use of cleaning products that have been formulated for use on windows of a particular type. For stained or colored glass, for instance, they might use a special cleaning.


Professional window cleaners have a wide arsenal of tools and detergents at their disposal to get windows looking like new. Cleaning equipment includes squeegees, scrubbers, extension poles, and ladders, while cleaning solutions include water and soap, vinegar, ammonia, and specialized cleaners. 

A professional window cleaner will have the necessary experience, training, and competence to get the job done right. The safest and most thorough method of washing windows is to hire a professional window cleaning service.

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